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The OnDemand module must be installed. Optionally a GeoLite2 geolocation database file can be installed.

Database Configuration

Interactive script configuration

The Open OnDemand XDMoD module adds an additional menu item to the XDMoD interactive setup software. Run the script as follows:

# xdmod-setup

and select the ‘Open OnDemand’ option in the main menu. The Open OnDemand section only has a single option: setup the database. This option creates the necessary database schema in the XDMoD datawarehouse. You will need to provide the credentials for your MySQL root user, or another user that has privileges to create databases. A single database modw_ondemand will be created. The database user that is specified in the portal_settings.ini will be granted access to this database.

Manual configuration

If the database server is located on a different host than the webserver then it is necessary to setup the database manually.

Create a database schema called modw_ondemand and grant permission for the XDMoD database user account to access this schema.

Once the schema is created then the acl-config command should be run:

$ /usr/xdmod/bin/acl-config

Resource Setup

Add a new resource to Open XDMoD using the xdmod-setup script. Instructions for adding the resource are on the main Open XDMoD page

The Open OnDemand resource must have a type set to gateway.

The resource setup menu will prompt for the node and core count for the resource. These data are not currently used by the On Demand module, but it is recommmended to use the correct core and node counts for the Open OnDemand webserver for consistency.

The xdmod-ingestor script must be run after the new resource is added. Running xdmod-ingestor loads the resource information into the XDMoD datawarehouse.

Configuration file

The /etc/xdmod/portal_settings.d/ondemand.ini configuration file settting are listed below:

Parameter Name Description
geoip_database Full path to the GeoLite2 City file (in MMDB format). Set this to an empty string if no file is available (location data in XDMoD will show as Unknown).
webserver_format_str The format string for the webserver access logs. This should be set to the same value as the LogFormat directive in the apache server for the Open OnDemand instance