Installing → Usage


  1. The OnDemand module installed
  2. The database schema has been created
  3. The OnDemand resource has been added
  4. The portal_settings.d/ondemand.ini configuration file edited as needed

Shred, Ingest, Aggregate

The OnDemand weblog ingestion pipeline requires three parameters:

Parameter Name Description
-r or --resource Must be set to the name of the resource when it was added to XDMoD in the xdmod-setup command.
-u or --url Must be set to the hostname of the ondemand instance exactly as it appears in the server logs. This includes the https:// parts and any port numbers but do not include the trailing forward slash.
-d or --dir Set to the path to a directory containing webserver log files from the Open OnDemand server. The ingestor will process all files in this directory that have the suffix .log or .log.X where X is a number

The pipeline should be run as the xdmod user as follows:

xdmod-ondemand-ingestor -d /path/to/ood_server_logs -r [resource] -u [ondemand hostname]


For log files with a large amount of data (hundreds of thousands of lines), the ingestion pipeline will use less memory and run faster if you split large log files into smaller ones. An example of how to do this is to use the split commandline tool to split the large log file by lines and generate output files with a numbered suffix (note the period at the end of the output filename):

split -d -l 20000 [LARGE INPUT FILE] /scratch/ondemand/webserver.log.